Kit Contents

  • 1 x Hard Candy 4×4 Vervet module
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket
  • 1 x 2m loom for connecting to vehicle
  • 1 x 3m Coolant Sensor Loom
  • 1 x Optical Coolant Level Sensor
  • 1 x Threaded Lock Nut for Brass Top Radiators
  • 1 x Tap for plastic radiators and Tanks
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Hard Candy 4×4 vehicle sticker

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The Hard Candy 4×4 Vervet is designed as a safety accessory for your vehicle alerting you if your coolant level is low, reminding you to activate your handbrake and alerting you if you leave your lights on. The first time you hear any of these three alarms sound, the Hard Candy 4×4 Vervet will have paid for itself many times over.

Low Coolant Alarm
Low coolant alarms are not typically fitted as standard, leaving you only the temperature gauge to rely on. This results in a number of problems. First is that factory water temperature gauges are very inaccurate working more as a cold; warm; hot indicator than an actual gauge. The second is that as your coolant levels begin to drop, the remaining volume of coolant is unable to efficiently keep your engine cool.

Typically by the time your temperature gauge alerts you that something is wrong, the damage to your engine has already been done and in many cases, that means an engine rebuild after you get your vehicle back from whatever remote location you find yourself stuck in.

A low coolant alarm will alert you of a problem long before your temperature gauge will, allowing you to stop safely, turn off your engine and rectify the problem before there is any damage to your engine.

Handbrake Alarm
At some point in your 4wd life, you will find yourself in a situattion, typically offroad, where adrenaline is high and as you jump out of your 4×4 to check the track ahead you forget to pull up your handbrake. By the time you realise what is happening, you have a runaway vehicle posing not only a great danger to others around you but also risking unnecessary damage to your vehicle.

A handbrake alarm will instantly alert you if the handbrake is not pulled up while you are still in your vehicle so you can quickly rectify the problem before leaving your vehicle.

Most handbrake alarms on the market only monitor the door. If you open your door the alarm sounds. This can get very annoying very quickly if you have no intention of leaving your vehicle. The Hard Candy 4×4 Vervet monitors your foot brake in addition to your door. This means that if you open your door but have your foot on the brake, no alarm will sound.

Headlight Reminder
The number one reason for having a flat battery is leaving your headlights on when you leave your vehicle. This usually happens when you need to use your lights during the day, typically when it is raining or if you have driven through a tunnel.

A headlight reminder is the easiest way to avoid the inconvenience of time consuming and at times expensive road side assistance calls as well as battery replacement.



Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen gas (H2) due to an electric current being passed through the water and is a major concern of any low coolant alarm.

There is much debate in the industry whether AC or DC current should be used for sensing coolant level to minimize the issues associated with electrolysis. Although both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages, Hard Candy 4×4 have solved the problem completely by incorporating an optical sensor instead.

An optical sensor is electrically insulated meaning no current ever runs through the coolant. This guarantees that the Hard Candy 4×4 Vervet will never cause any electrolysis leaving your cooling system fully protected.


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