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  • Level your caravan in seconds
  • Works with Apple and Android devices
  • No wiring required
  • Battery included (CR2450)
  • Designed and Made In Australia

Kit Contents

  • Hard Candy 4×4 Possum module
  • App download link
  • Installation Instructions Card
  • Vehicle Sticker

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Spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time levelling your caravan.

The Hard Candy 4×4 Possum works seamlessly with your mobile device to quickly and easily assist you with levelling your caravan or camper trailer.  No more finding your fridge not working or sleeping at an awkward angle.

Caravan levellers are essential tools for achieving a balanced and stable setup when parking your Hard Candy 4×4 caravan. Designed to level your vehicle on uneven ground, these levellers ensure a comfortable and safe experience while camping or traveling. The Hard Candy 4×4 caravan levelling system provides ease and convenience, allowing you to adjust the height and angle of your caravan levelling to suit any terrain. With their durable construction and user-friendly design, caravan levellers are a must-have accessory for any adventurous caravan owner, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey wherever the road takes you.

The Hard Candy 4×4 Possum app, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play, features a simple interface to visually assist with quickly achieving perfect level, resulting in a cold fridge and a perfect night sleep.

Installation couldn’t be any easier. All you need is two screws to attach the possum anywhere convenient inside your caravan or camping trailer, and with the possum running off an internal battery no wiring is required.



  • 1. Download the Hard Candy 4×4 Possum app from the App Store or Google Play by scanning the QR code inside the box or by searching for “Possum” on the relevant app store.
  • 2. Open the Hard Candy 4×4 Possum app, and connect* to the Possum using the serial number printed on the front of the Possum.
  • 3. Place the Possum in a horizontal position on a level surface within your caravan, camper trailer, or motorhome such as a kitchen counter or fridge. Make sure the top of the Possum is facing the front of the caravan, camper trailer, or motorhome.
  • 4. Using the Possum app as a guide level your caravan.
  • 5. Once level, find a suitable spot inside the caravan, camper trailer, or motorhome for the Possum as close as possible towards the front of your caravan, camper trailer, or motorhome. If installing on a vertical surface, make sure the Possum is installed the right way up. If installing on a horizontal surface, make sure the top of the Possum is facing the front of your caravan, camper trailer, or motorhome.
  • 6. Using two screws, attach the Possum.
  • 7. Go to SETTINGS in the app by clicking on the gear icon in the top right hand corner and select “Calibration”.
  • 8. Select which way the Possum is installed in relation to your caravan, camper trailer, or motorhome. If mounted horizontally, select ”FRONT”. Click “Calibrate”. This will set the orientation of the Possum and calibrate the Possum in the installed position.
  • 9. You are now ready to go camping!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the battery be replaced?
    Yes, The Possum is designed for the battery to be user replaceable.
  • Does the Possum have a low power mode when not in use?
    Yes, The Possum turns on automatically when the app is connected and automatically goes into a low power standby mode when not in use.  To turn the Possum back on, simply open the app.  No other user interaction is required to turn it on or off.
  • What is the battery and where can I get a replacement?
    The battery is a CR2450 and is available from Bunnings, Woolworths, Supercheap Auto, and all battery suppliers.  The reason we used this battery is because it is so easy to find anywhere is the country.
  • Can I connect more than one phone to the Possum?
    Yes, you can have up to 10 devices connected simultaneously to the Possum however there is no limit to the number of devices that can be paired with it.
  • Can the Possum be calibrated to my comfort settings or is it just for perfect level?
    The possum is factory calibrated for perfect level however if you prefer sleeping with your head slightly elevated or need the caravan as a slight tilt for the water to drain out of the shower, you can calibrate the Possum accordingly using the app.  This way, the Possum will ensure the caravan is set to your comfort level first time, every time.
  • Where is the Possum made?
    All Hard Candy 4×4 products, including the Possum are made right here in Australia..  This includes all engineering and design, manufacturing and assembly, packaging, and all software development.
  • Is the Possum temperature compensated?
    Yes, the Possum is 100% temperature compensated for perfect accuracy.  Levelling devices become increasing inaccurate as the difference between the operating temperature and the temperature at calibration increases.
  • Is the Possum factory calibrated?
    Our Possum is factory calibrated in the horizontal plane to help you quickly setup your caravan levelling for installation.  Please refer to the installation instructions for more information.

Android, Bluetooth, and Locations Disclaimer

Android apps using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) require location access to be enabled. This is a requirement of Android and Google to allow BLE devices (like the Possum) to connect.

We do not track your location. In fact, we don’t ask you for any personal information so location tracking would be of no use anyway since using the Possum app is completely anonymous.

iOS devices are designed differently and don’t require location services for BLE to work, hence there is no need to give the Possum app access to location services on an iOS device.


Import Duties and Taxes for your country are not included in the shipping cost.  Please check with your relevant customs office if any additional import fees or taxes are payable, which are your responsibility.

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Dimensions 12 × 7.5 × 4.5 cm


  1. Manny

    Just received my Possum Caravan Leveling Assistant. I had recently seen this at the Caravan and camping show in Brisbane. Wow. So easy to use and set up. No wires to connect just download the App. Its simple. Once you have your Van level to how you would set up on a caravan site. And calibrate.

  2. Ianb

    Purchased at the Brisbane Caravan show, incredibly easy to setup place module on van then calibrate via the app. pulling up to the site the app instantly tells you the side that may need levelling ramps, bluetooth between phone and module was strong.

  3. Lucy

    Amazing time saver

  4. David Varady

    Great product. Easy to setup and calibrate, even easier to level the van. So simple and easier to use, beats the little glass levels hands down.

  5. Lyndie

    Our van has never been so level! A fantastic product; easy to install and set up. Highly recommended.

  6. Leigh @ Weigheasy

    Bought a year ago. I don’t normally review but this thing is awesome.

    There’s others around, but being Aussie made and well Priced you can’t go pay it.


  7. Matt Cecchin

    Brilliant service. You couldn’t ask for better help if needed. Item works very well.

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